After the Decision - What is the Next Step?

I have written in many of my articles about the power of making a decision. Having anything you desire requires making a decision to have it. The movie "The Secret" talks about the power of deciding what you want. "Think and Grow Rich", "The Traveler's Gift", "The Science of Getting Rich", "Ask and it is Given", and any other book focusing on manifestations or the Law of Attraction tell us first and foremost you must make a decision to have what you desire.

But what happens after you make a decision? In my coaching experience, I hear from many people "well, I made a decision, but nothing happened". Excuse me! What did you EXPECT to happen? Did you expect bags of money to drop on your doorstep after you decided to be rich? Did you expect the man of your dreams to knock on your door after you decided to get married? Did you expect your children to stop being kids when you decided to get more in touch with them?

Then I hear, "I made the decision but I just couldn't figure out how to make it happen". I hear this everyday, so I definitely want to address this, because it is probably the number one reason people give up on their dreams.

When you make the decision to change your life, you must first of all be OPEN to it changing and secondly and most importantly, it is not your job to figure out how to make it happen! Once you make the decision and you know that your life is changing and put into your heart the expectation of change, God, or The Universe (if you prefer), will bring the way to you. Your life will rearrange itself to make the decision come to fruition. And, the way may be by a method you never expected. But what it will definitely be is a means for you to reach your goal, or an opportunity for you to reach your goal, or a person who leads you to another person, or a new job offer, or an unexpected letter of money owed to you, or someone in a grocery line that tells you about a business opportunity.

What it takes is trust and expectation. Once you have made the decision, just allow it to happen. There is no need to worry about how things will happen. Just be open to new situations and new people in your life. Everyone coming into your life is there for a reason and you must be open to why they were put in your path.

Here is a perfect example, I recently talked with a gentleman who "decided" to find a home business opportunity that would get him out of a job that he hated. In our coaching, we were talking about the power of making the decision and how to make the decision and make sure it is a true desire and from the heart.

Then he said to me "I made this decision, expecting to find the right opportunity, and I had some interesting opportunites presented to me, one in particular that it seemed everyone I talked to was involved in, but when I did research on them I found there were people who did not have success and I have to find something where everyone succeeds or it must be a scam." It took me a couple of minutes to gain my composure on this one.

After finally composing myself, here are the points I made to him:

1) If you made the decision, then the universe must bring you opportunities that will take you to your goal
2) If you second guess the universe, then you are not trusting God to help you
3) Could there be a reason the same opportunity kept presenting itself?

And the most important:

4) You never made the decision, you are still trying to do it yourself. You must trust your decision and allow the answer to "come to you".

But let me get off the path for a moment.... 99% of business opportunities are legitimate. It is the people who are in the business who are not succeeding, not the business. If anyone starts a home business and expects to be scammed, or expects "it" to fail, "it" has no choice but to fail. The Law of Attraction gives you what you expect. So, if you start a business and know, absolutely know that you will have amazing success, then you will have success. But if you are just putting your toe in the water to see if something works, it will not work, so don't waste your time.

Let me wrap this up. Make a decision and let the Universe bring the way to you. You do your job with the decision, the Universe does it's job by bringing you the opportunity to receive your desire.

Let yourself have what you want in life. Let yourself receive what it is you decided to have.

Make it a great day.