Welcome to the New Year

Here we are, it is finally 2007 and we say so long to 2006. I wish for everyone the prosperity, abundance and fulfillment of their dreams for this New Year.

Jerry and I are ready for the New Year. Our preparation for the New Year has become a ritual that we look forward to. Since we live ocean front, we use the ocean to cast out anything unwanted we manifested in our lives. No, we don't throw trash into the ocean, what we do is a cleansing of our inner selves and our souls.

We write down anything negative that might have been a part of our lives. Anything that may have held us back from our ultimate goals or things that just sidetracked us a bit. Once we have our list complete, we burn it! Yes, just strike a match and let it burn!

We then cast the ashes into the ocean for God to take care of. Since they are things we do not desire, we feel it is best to just turn them over to the one who can handle them best. I think back to when we cast lack out and burned it, never to look back at it again.

This year, we are entirely focused on some very large goals. Our prosperity mindset is essential to receive these desires. It was necessary to cast out anything that might be standing in our way. All we do, must take us in the direction of our goal.

Wishing you the very best for 2007!
Wanda Grindstaff