Success Through Service, the Most Important Component!

Wallace Wattles and Napoleon Hill refer to as the competitive plane, David R. Hawkins refers to it as Power vs Force. Regardless of how you refer to it, IT is stressing people out because they are not seeing the results they are working for.

I personally prefer to operate my business from a place of service. Why is this so important? I have frequently heard a quote but unable to tell you where it originated, but it is the basis for my business. "If you help enough people in the World get what they want, you will surely get what you want." This is what a place of service is all about. Personally, I have some enormous goals, but I realize those goals are only attainable if I assist a lot of people in reaching their goals.

If you are not having success in your business, stop and ask yourself;
1) Am I looking for people who will buy my product or people who have a need for my product?
2) Am I forcing them to buy or am I providing them a method to resolve the need they have?
3) Am I servicing them by eliminating their pain or just servicing my self by making the sale?

Most people have pain in their lives. I am not talking about the physical kind, but the emotional kind. The kind that happens when people are stuck or stressed or just not where they thought they should be.

Are you operating your business by assisting these people in achieving their goals and eliminating their pain?

Since my primary product is a Life Achievement program, I look for people who are frustrated with their lack of achievement. But that is just my target group. Instead of just selling them a product which has a stand alone untold value, I give them much more. I show them how to put the pain behind them, how to establish some powerful goals and how to place themselves into a mode of success. I assist them in making choices to change where they are going, by accepting the choices they have made previously.

My product then is a logical next step, but regardless of rather they purchase or not, I feel I have helped them because I gave them much more than they expected. I gave them a part of me and my expertise. You have to be willing to give them much more than they expect. You have to ensure they are purchasing your assistance and guidance.

By doing this, you build trust and a long term relationship. If you do not have the experience in your product or company, assist them by providing them the support of someone who does have the expertise. Work with your own mentor to assist you in mentoring your customers. If you are unable to demonstrate your own knowledge, borrow the knowledge of a leader in your company.

It is also very important for you to demonstrate your belief and faith in your product and company. Never expect someone to purchase something you do not have the confidence to purchase yourself. As my mentor pointed out to me once "Never buy a Rolls from someone who drives a VW". You must give them your faith in the product in order for them to have faith as well.

Never focus on the Sale! Focus on the service you can give. Just go out and work toward enriching lives and the experiences they have in their lives. When you focus on the sale, you may occasionally experience some success, but it will never be explosive and continual.

By focusing on service, you are filling a funnel with relationships. Eventually, that funnel will begin to drip drip drip sales from the bottom. People who want to do business with you, people who trust you and people who believe you can relieve their pain.

This is the only way to conduct business and the only way to reach the top!

To your success...