The Power of Your Words - Speaking your Future

As students of the Law of Attraction, we know that what we think about we bring about. But, have we taken a good look at those instantaneous thoughts that sometimes create words of destruction?

I am overwhelmed with how powerful this is. Thoughts and words all come from emotion, but there are times when emotion controls not only our words but our thoughts and bring about some very negative results for us.

When you are confronted with anything in your life you do not agree with or frustrates or angers you, any fleeting thoughts or words controlled by negative emotion can be extremely damaging to you. These thoughts may be instigated by something you read, something said to you or something you hear on the radio or TV.

Unless things directly affect you, why would you waste any emotion on them when emotion is such a powerful force? For example, someone does something you do not like (it happens) and you make comments about it (not necessarily to the person) rant and rave and show emotion.

Those words and the emotion you are holiding onto are not going to change the situation, alter the outcome or be life changing. They are simply words that are spewing from emotion so they are only hurting you. The old cliche' of "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me" is just not true.

Any level of negative emotion will only hurt you and your results. This emotion will frequently consume us for days and holding on to it will alter your outcome and your results dramatically.

In order to manifest positive results into your life, you must eliminate the negative emotion. I do not believe in anger management, afterall, why would you want to manage something you should not have anyway. Just let it go. Anger comes from thoughts, which become words and when you speak the words, your subconcious mind believes it and the cycle just starts all over again.

So, let it go. When negative emotions start to show their ugly heads, just eliminate them immediately with positive emotion. Yes, it can be done and when practiced becomes quite easy. Make a point to attract only the things you want into your life. Make it an intential attraction postive results instead of an attraction of negative happenstance.

To your success...