The Brass Tacks of Creating Wealth and Freedom

Funny, I talked earlier in the week about getting clear on what Wealth and Freedom mean. My intent is to help you in seeing what they truly are and they are by no means a negative.

Wealth is whatever you define it for yourself and Freedom should be what you feel and how you live your life based on the Wealth you create. It truly is that simple.

But as the week progresses and the emails arrive, the main comment is: "But I don't want to be wealthy, just be comfortable". Fine, if that is what you want, but my point is, why want a Volkswagen when you can actually have a Rolls Royce?

To have unlimited wealth, you absolutely must get clear on what that would mean for YOUR LIFE. If you can not see yourself driving a Rolls, but can see yourself in a Volkswagen, then go for the Volkswagen. It is JUST A CHOICE! Personally, I choose the Rolls.

There was a time in my life I chose less and yes, I was happy. I had what I wanted and what I was clear about. Once I found the power of the vision and the choice, I began to change my wants. The amazing thing is, once I raised the bar, the bar followed me. It was simply the choice and the vision.

But don't get me wrong. It does not just happen. Once you have the vision and the clarity, the pieces will begin to come together for you. Opportunities will be presented to you, people will come to you, ideas will come to you and any and all should be acted upon.

As I said in a previous post, the money does not just appear on your doorstep. However, the means to generate it WILL.

Once you get clear on what you really want, there are few other requirements:

1) Be open to the ideas of how the "thing" will be manifested. It may be through ads, people, ideas... whatever the means.

2) Take action! I truly believe the primary difference in successful and unsuccessful people is in the action they take. Successful people make decisions very quickly and change their minds very slowly. Whereas, unsuccessful people tend to make decisions very slowly and change their minds very quickly. Do you see the pattern?

3) Be willing to take a risk!

4) Believe! The power of belief in who you are, what you want and what your birthright is.

You have the right on this earth to have ANYTHING you want. Go for it.

But realize if it is money you are looking for, you have to have a means, or a vehicle. That is why I chose the business I have. I feel it is easier to get rich on $8,000 and $5,000 profits than it is on $100 profits.

You must have a sound system and a business model which will take you to where you want to be as fast as possible. And, make sure you have powerful support. Be in a place where you can be mentored and trained by people who have already succeeded at accomplishing what you are looking for. Business model and support are very important and are the brass tacks of creating wealth and freedom.

To your success...