The Only Way to Solve Money Problems - Name it and Claim it

I am frequently astounded at how people "claim" their problems. Just look around the Internet and pay attention to how people talk about problems. I am even more astounded that people have web sites based on their problems. What could possibly be the purpose of this focus and attention?

I am reminded of a great quote:

"Celebrate what you want to see more of" Thomas J. Peters

Celebrate what you want to see more of, is basic Law of Attraction. I refer to it as Name it and Claim it. What you give focus and attention to comes to you, so why would anyone give attention and focus to any "problem".

Now, first of all, I do not support simply ignoring your problems. However, you deal with problems as temporary challenges, taking whatever action is necessary to resolve them and then you let them go. Once something is history, it should no longer control your energy and attention. This means you should not talk about it, write about and dwell on it.

Constant discussion only buys into the drama of the story and brings more adversity into your life. It is the "claiming" things as a problem and holding them in our lives that puts us in situations we can not climb out of.

When you give attention to something at this level, the drama of it brings more of into your lives.

You have total control over your life, not only the way you handle things and react to them, but how long they are a part of your life and to what level they affect you. You even have total control over your finances, but if you talk about them in the negative, you get negative results, not prosperity. So why would you want more of the "bad stuff?"

The only way to resolve any problem, especially financial is to deal with it quickly and succinctly and then let it go. Put it in the past where it belongs.

Do not dwell and talk about things that bring you frustration or anguish.

Talk only about the positive things and leave the negatives where they belong.

Yes, I have had great adversity in my life and every time, it was very short and very temporary. Instead I chose to have more and never told anyone about the problems, because I did not want more of them to come to me.

And that is the point, I choose success, I choose happiness, I choose everything good to come to me.

When it comes to money issues, it is best to get someone else to deal with them for you. The energy you give the situation, will bring you down, so by having someone else deal with it, gives you an opportunity to focus on what life will be like when it is behind you.

Name and Claim only what you want in your life, never what you do not want. Talk about it, think about it, dream about it, write about it. The more energy you give it, the faster it will come. Name and Claim only the good stuff, never the bad. Get rid of the chatter in your mind that holds you back. Do not voice your problems out loud either, words have a power of their own and will completely block your prosperity.

Keep it simple, keep it quiet and keep moving toward your goals.

To your success!