Financial Mindset - How much money are You Really Worth?

I spend my days working with people to teach them how to make money and every day, take a serious look at the mindset people operate from. It is very interesting to see the result of someones life as it compares to their mindset. Simply said, I can only teach people to make what they think they are worth.

First of all, let me clarify. Living a prosperous life is not really about the money, it is about the lifestyle the money provides. It is about the freedom, the choices and the options available to those who create their lives.

But the greatest challenge to me is helping people to see that the amount of money they earn is directly relevant to how much they think they are worth. I talk with people everyday who see themselves in a very small place, the challenge is to move them to see the bigger picture.

What does this mean? Let's do a very simple exercise. Take out a piece of paper and without much thought, simply write down on that paper how much money you want to make this year. What did you write? Was it $1 Million, $500,000 or maybe even $50,000?

Whatever you wrote on that piece of paper is what you are worth (today)! Value is a perception only, so if you have the perception that you are worth $50,000 then I am sorry to inform you, that is all you are worth (at this time). But you may say... sure, but it is June and the year is half over, or, I don't know how to make more right now, my current salary is this or this or that or whatever!

The fact is, 90% of the result is the mindset. So if you see yourself making only $50,000 then you have the mindset of making that amount. On the other hand, if you see yourself making $500,000 this year, then that is the mindset you are working with and your chances of making that amount dramatically increase.

I have said in many of my articles that making a Million Dollars is the easiest thing in the world, the hard part is DECIDING to make a Million Dollars. It is one thing to WANT a Million, but if you have not decided to make it, then you are just in a state of want and will never move past that with your current thinking. Your current thinking is responsible for where you are today, in order to move beyond where you are, you absolutely must change your thinking.

Another very important point is this...

It is not your job to figure out HOW to make the amount of money you desire, it is your job to DECIDE what that amount is. Once you make a decision, which involves a fever of desire and an unstoppable mindset, then the method will come to you, but you must DECIDE first.

Bottom line, as I said, I work with people to show them how to use a simple system to achieve financial success. But, if a person has the mindset of $50,000 then they will take this Million Dollar opportunity and make $50,000 with it. On the other hand, if they have a Million Dollar mindset and desire, they will make the Million. The other person will literally leave $950,000 on the table for someone else to make and then complain that the opportunity is not worth more than $50,000.

Think about it very seriously. What is your financial mindset? Whatever it is, is what you are worth. Let's talk later about how to increase that mindset.

Make it a fabulous day, you deserve it.