All Good Things Come Through Relationships

I am frequently asked how the Law of Attraction brings things to us. Some people actually expect good things to just appear (like money on the doorstep) but in real life, that is not how the Law of Attraction works.

All good things come through relationships. All increase and growth will come through people you meet along the way or people you already know. The Universe (God) will put into your path the people you need to meet in order to accomplish your goals.

A perfect example is an associate I am currently working with. Two years ago I originally spoke to him, he responded to an ad. At the time, he did not have the level of belief or faith that he could accomplish more in his life so was not ready to move forward.

After two years went by, he had learned a great deal and had started dealing with some of his limiting beliefs. Amazingly, he responded to an ad of mine, not realizing it was someone he had talked to before and now he is ready to move forward.

The universe brought us together originally but since his vibration was not in line with what I offered, he opted not to move forward. Now he is ready and his vibration is one which will allow him to achieve his goals and once again, the universe put us together at the opportune time.

This is how it always works. Someone introduces you, someone answers an ad, someone bumps into you, whatever the method, the universe will bring you together.

When vibrations are in line, the universe is super charged to work putting everything into place. People you meet will have the nuggets you desire. It is simply a matter of keeping an open mind to allow those relationships to develop.

All too often, skepticism, anger, frustration and other negative energies block the view of the person you should meet. You shrug them off, think "too good to be true", run and anything else to self destruct the opportunity you need to reach your goals.

So, while working toward your goals, always keep an open mind and heart. The right people will come to you but it is up to you to welcome them in. It is your responsibility to trust and allow change to happen.

To Your Success!