It's All About Having FUN - Living with Intent

We talk a great deal here about The Law of Attraction and what you think about you bring about. Which, is absolutely true and fact. But one very important aspect we seldom talk about is the vibration which controls the Law of Attraction. Michael Losier, author of The Law of Attraction calls it Vibes.

Each of us is energy and energy creates vibes or vibrations. The Law of Attraction brings things to us in life, based on the vibration we are putting out. This is why it is so important to feel good when you want to attract good to you.

When I was in the Corporate World, and quite frankly, for most of my life, I honestly thought that I had to work hard in order to move ahead. And believe me, I worked very hard. I was in the Airline industry for almost 30 years and traveled on business a great deal. I honestly thought that I should be grateful for being sent overseas for months at a time, missing my family and friends and basically giving up my life for my job.

I am grateful that I finally woke up and learned, through my study of the Law of Attraction, that success had absolutely nothing to do with working hard, and everything to do with who I was (a successful human being) and the vibration I was putting out into the universe.

Wow, in other words, I learned the more fun I had, the more money I made and the more money I made, the more I accomplished and made a difference. I learned that it was all about having FUN!

That is when we decided to move to the beach and start living our lives. I spend almost every morning walking on the beach and playing with my border collie. It seems the more fun we have, the more productive my day is. Why is that? Because I am vibrating fun and energy! My vibration of living my life and enjoying every day is very attractive to the people I meet.

I am amazed at how many people I talk to while out having fun just want to know what we do that we can spend so much time outside, on the beach, at the coffee shop, at the bookstore, at the local hangouts and just enjoying our lives. Isn't that what everyone really wants? They want to live their lives, on their own terms and just be present with who they are.

I know this is short, but the point is very simple. If you are an entrepreneur and you are tied to your desk and your computer and your office .... GET OUT! Go out and do what you want to do. BE the person you want to be. If you stay in your office, the Law of Attraction will just bring more need to stay in your office! Get out and enjoy yourself. Meet people and let THEM ask YOU what you do...

Wow, life is magical when you just ALLOW it to WORK!

To your success!