What We Can Learn from Don Imus

I frequently speak of the power of our words. What we speak we bring to us, what we think we bring to us and what we feel, we bring to us. So, what does this have to do with Don Imus? His words have ignited a firestorm of opinion and uproar. His "words" have changed the direction of his life dramatically.

My point of bringing him up has absolutely nothing to do with my stand on his comments and everything to do with where I am going with my life. If I am passionate about achieving my goals and living a life of quality and abundance, it is imperative for me to totally control my words and emotions. Getting involved in somthing such as this issue, with the level of negative comments can only result in a setback for me. Any issue with such an amount of negative emotion will bring me away from my goals.

Remember, you can only move forward or backward and I choose to move forward, closer to my goals. If I were to allow myself to get involved in a verbal diatribe about this issue, it would truly move me backwards, and my goals are way too important to allow that to happen.

As a student of personal development, I know where I am going and what it will take to get there. My goal is enormous so my integrity must be enormous. My goal is powerful, so my thoughts must be powerful, my dream is vivid so my direction must be vivid. These do not include negative emotion. Getting involved in the words of a topic such as this will only hold me back. Any energy given to this would be very detrimental to achieving my goals.

The main thing we can do is to avoid getting caught up in negative energy. This is an excellent opportunity for us to practice restraint. Regardless of our stand on this issue, expressing any point of view whatsoever can be very devastating to our rate of success.

So, what can we learn from Don Imus? Very simple, regardless of the issue, our goals are greater than we are. Our desires are huge and drive us to be giants. Our dreams are real and in order for us to achieve those dreams, we are bigger than the crisis of the moment.

Take a stand for yourself, your family and your future and just let it go and move on to what is truly important to you and something you can actually do something about such as your own results and your own success.

To your success!