Plant Your Flag and Claim Your Success

When great explorers found new territory, land, islands or even the moon, the first celebration always involved the planting of their flag. By this act, not only did they claim "the new land" but they also made the claim "I assume responsibility for the ownership of this new land".

Have you planted your flag with your business? Have you claimed your business as your own? Have you claimed your business as your responsibility? Have your claimed the success of your business? Have you actually gotten excited about the unlimited possibilities of your business?

All are very important questions. Too often, we start businesses, especially from home and then never make the claim of success. Would an explorer have just passed by a beautiful uninhabited land and kept going, looking for the perfect land, a land with no challenges, no obstacles, looking only for a land with abundant life but no effort and no belief in the new land?

This is what new business owners do everyday. No wonder more than 80% of new home based businesses fail. There are many opportunities available to the home marketer and a very large majority of those are absolutely legitimate and offer the opportunity to achieve dreams.

The underlying factor of achieving success and experiencing failure must lie on the shoulders of the marketer. As Wallace Wattles points out in the amazing book "The Science of Getting Rich", two people can do the same thing, in the same place, but one succeeds and the other fails. Only because the successful person "did things in a certain way". Or as Napoleon Hill suggests in his amazing book "Think and Grow Rich", One must operate a business as an entrepreneur instead of an employee.

When it comes to your business, the time is "NOW". Do not wait for the perfect time, the perfect person, or the perfect teacher. Waiting will destroy your business and it will never succeed. The time is now to take action. Be the leader in your business. Apply the "certain way" to your business and of course your attitude. That "certain way" separates leaders from followers. In order to succeed at any business, you must be the leader. Leaders are irresistibly attractive to other leaders.

When you fail to be the leader, you are therefore the victim. The victim gives away all power, the victim will never succeed because no one who is looking to succeed will associate or give any authority to the word of a victim. Leaders look to work with other leaders.

So plant your flag. Claim success for your business. Read these two powerful books and apply the principles in them now, not later. Be the outrageously successful leader you truly are.

Plant your flag and claim your success today!