Manifesting What You Really Want

Okay, so you have a problem, a challenge or a real situation you wish had not appeared, but it did and now what do you do? You are a student of the Law of Attraction and know you obviously attracted whatever it is into your life. At some point you must take time to evaluate the situation and determine what thoughts, memories, actions and decisions attracted the problem. How do you get through it and to the other side without making things worse?

Problems do not go away if you ignore them but you also do not want to give them too much "energy". You absolutely must deal with whatever your crisis is before you can let it go. So, how in the world do you take care of a problem, without manifesting more of the same?

Many great authors have written on the subject of The Law of Attraction. It has been called everything from spiritual to magic, to the great secret, and all of these are absolutely accurate. Most people find out about the Law of Attraction when they realize they have things in their lives they did not want. But the Law of Attraction can only bring into your life what you are putting out. Until responsibility is accepted and you acknowledge where you are is only a reflection of what you are attracting into your life you will only continue to attract more of the same. Worrying or thinking about a problem is the worse thing you can do. Hoping it will go away will only make it worse. You must put steps into place to resolve it before it will cease to exist.

The hardest things to do, the things you fear the most, the things you would prefer for someone else to deal with are exactly the things that must be done. Determine exactly what it will take to resolve the problem. It may be a telephone call, a letter, a meeting, a payment plan or whatever, just decide what it will take. Once you have done this, then take the action. With the action behind you, you can direct your thoughts and energy to what you really want in your life. The Law of Attraction will bring to you what you give your energy to. Maybe the problem is not completely resolved, but the action is in place and will no longer require your constant attention. Now you can start applying the principles of the Law of Attraction to change your results for tomorrow. A small action can have a major impact on your results. Simply by resolving the problem, you have opened the floodgates to the "good stuff". But, remember one thing: The positive can never appear till the "problem" is handled and no longer consuming your thoughts. So just do it!

If your desires and goals are bigger than the problem, you can come through with ease and style. If your goals are not big enough to get you through, reset them. The bigger your dream, the bigger your desire, the bigger the results when the good stuff starts coming in.