Blog Apocalypse - What if the end of blogging came

I have been invited by several bloggers (Alan Made to be Great, Praveen Tao of Simplicity)to participate in this interesting meme, The Blog Apocalypse offered by The Urban Monk. The reason this is so interesting to me is that not only was it created to improve blog linking, but also as a method to donate to charity. You can read more about it here, but overall, I agree with any means to give. Giving is the source of all good to come to you, so giving is necessary, therefore I feel compelled to participate.

The idea is to pretend we are at the end of blogging and to provide you with my thoughts regarding that end, so here goes:

To me, there are only two messages to give you, 1) God loves you and 2) You are empowered by God to have the life you desire.

The dreams and desires you have in life are there because our loving Father wants you to have them. You have within you the ability to have everything He has promised which is Salvation, Prosperity and Love.

Faith is the power behind these promises and through faith you can have anything because all things are possible through God.

Have Faith in your salvation and the forgiveness of your sins
Have Faith you will prosper in all areas of your life
Have Faith you will feel love and give love in all areas of your life

These are the only things important to me and the message I want you to have.

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