Be the Rhino, A Life of Purpose and Intention

Jerry Clark, extremely well known in the Network Marketing industry for not only his success but for his powerful teachings at Club Rhino, uses the analagy of Rhinos and Cows to explain the difference in successful and unsuccessful people.

Most entrepreneurs have heard the story of The Rhino escaping from the Cow Pasture. The point of the story is, the Rhino knows where he is going and will not be misguided or held back by the beliefs of others, namely the cows.

While in the cow pasture, the Rhino has a vision of his goal, escapes and keeps on purpose for getting there. As a Rhino, he can see himself where he truly wants to be and is driven by his desires and purpose.

With Rhinos, the joy is in the journey. With consistent action, integity and the ability to do what cows will not, he creates a journey filled with joy, charging through the jungle regardless of appearances. The Rhino sees every situation as part of the journey and is grateful for the events that move him to his destination.

Cow conditioning on the other hand is giving in to the evidence of a situation. By concentrating on life's mistakes and failures, he fails to move toward a goal simply because the route of travel is not crystal clear, smooth and guaranteed.

Rhinos get results because they, unlike cows, do not sabotage their success with inconsistency, excuses and drama. Rhinos always team up with other Rhinos, surrounding themselves with goal achievers. Rhinos play to win instead of playing "not to lose".

You deserve to know, by making a few modifications in your thinking and your actions, you too, can be a Rhino. By taking total ownership of your results, removing any blame and moving consistently forward toward your ultimate destination, you will see yourself as the Rhino you are inside. Instead of being a cow waiting for the slaughter, take charge and create your desired outcome.

I will talk further about being a Rhino and living the Rhino life in later posts. In the meantime, when you look back to where you have been, see yourself as a Rhino who thought he was a cow, instead of a cow, living a cow's existence.

To your success!