My Simply Successful Secrets

I've been tagged by Debra Moorhead (Career Development and Empowerment for Women Leaders). I am very honored for the invitation to participate in this project by Aaron Potts at Todayisthatday.com. This is a wonderful and worthwhile venture and I certainly hope my contribution will assist in some small way.

I am traveling this week which brings to mind one of the reasons I "do what I do". Having time to live my life is what being an entrepreneur is all about for me. My personal Simply Successful Secrets are activities I have developed over the years which prove to produce results for me. Since I am sitting on a deck at my son's home, overlooking beautiful Lake Norman NC, I am really challenged to stay with my daily habits of success. This is a great opportunity for me to re-focus and get on track for the day, so here we go.

1) I start every day with devotion. I am on a journey of developing a personal relationship with God and give top priority each and every day to being with Him, one on one. This is where I receive my ideas and motivation and set the pace for my day.

2) I work on me. I have learned the hardest thing I will ever have to do in this life is to work on myself, to be the best I can be. It takes a powerful program and consistent daily action to make measurable progress. Each day, as part of my stuctured personal development program, I do the following:

Meditation and visualization on my goals. I see myself in a position of having the life I am creating for myself. Since I live on the beach, this is a very simple activity. I sit on the beach or my deck and just get perfectly still. I can map out my entire life with this one single activity.

Journaling - I review my journal of the previous few days to get into proper alignment with my true purpose and priorities. I then journal, writing about my goals, my plans for the day, the results I will produce that day as well as writing about any dreams I experienced the previous night.

Promise to myself - Each day I make a specific promise of something I want to accomplish or maybe someone I want to contact and make sure I keep that promise before the end of the day. This is a simple thing, but sometimes the most difficult to actually complete.

Reading - I have certain books I read over and over, sometimes a page a day or a chapter a day. Everytime I pick them up, I glean new knowledge and motivation.

3) Once I have completed my personal development, I then work for a couple of ours on my business. I am true to my DMO (Daily Method of Operation), staying focused for a brief time on income producing activities. I have learned I can accomplish more in 2 hours of laser focus than I ever could in 12 hours of just working at my business.

4) Masterminding with other leaders and successful people who are on a similar track as myself. Either by telephone calls or email, I communicate with one person from my shortlist of mentors each and every day. This brings me to a higher level of awareness and each time I get new tidbits from them to make a real difference in my life and my journey.

The above activities take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours of each day to complete. Once I have done this, then I do the most important thing of all.

I live my life. I have some enormous goals for myself and accomplishing what I want in life does not require that I work all the time or worry about how they will come about. It is very important to allow them to happen. I take the daily action and then get out and live my life. It can be as simple as sitting on the beach reading. Or maybe fishing, golfing, shopping or helping out with a community project. But the power is in the action, so I have fun.

I MUST be gratefull for all I have in my life and if I do not take time to enjoy it, how can I possibly demonstrate this gratitude. To me, this is probably the most important daily activity of all. Many people ask me how to allow the Law of Attraction to work. The answer is simple, Live your life. Do whatever it is that drives you to want your dreams. Ask yourself, "if I already had the life I am wanting to create, what would I do to enjoy myself?". Then go out and do it!

I thank Debra Moorhead for the opportunity to participate and I am now tagging:

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