Inspiration and Gratitude - A Powerful Success Tool

Today is a gorgeous day at the beach. I live on a beautiful little island in the Southern Outer Banks of NC. This is a picture from my deck today. I am filled with inspiration, knowing that Spring is peeking through the bleakness of Winter.

It makes me think about why my husband and I chose to move here 2 years ago. After leaving our jobs and starting our business, we suddenly realized we could live anywhere we chose, and here we are.

The reason I bring this up is very simple. Gratitude is a powerful tool to use when creating success and prosperity in your life. Gratitude turns on the ignition of The Law of Attraction to bring greater things to you. The more gratitude you show for everything you have, the more the Universe (God) will be willing to bring to you.

But gratitude is even more powerful when you are grateful for the little things and the challenging things. Challenges are a piece of your life map taking you to your destination. How you handle challenges is what makes the difference.

In everything in life, you are either moving forward or falling backward. If you are grateful for the challenges, then you are consistently moving forward toward your goals and where you should be in life.

So be grateful for everything. Yes, it is easy to be grateful for a beautiful ocean scene everday, but even when it is stormy, dark and bitter cold, I am grateful for that as well.

I choose to receive in my life and I hope you too will choose to receive. Recieving begins with gratitude. Be inspired by everything in your life and show gratitude for all, afterall, you created what you have and where you are.

To your success!