Does Taking Responsibility Mean Admitting You Were Wrong?

When working with individuals, assisting them in moving forward to find their own greatness, I am always amazed at their hesitation to take the next step. Here you are, with a very strong desire to double or triple your income, live the lifestyle of your dreams and you just will not take the steps to move you to your destiny. So what is this all about?

As I have written many times, the first step to move forward is accepting responsibility for where you are. You must realize your current situation is the result of your own actions and your best thinking, not the actions of other people. You must change your thinking from where you were to thinking that will take you to where you want to be.

So the question arises, "If I accept responsibility for where I am, meaning that my decisions in life brought me to my current bad situation, then do I have to admit I made wrong decisions and had wrong judgement?" Absolutely not!

We are evolving beings. Everything we do in life is part of a journey. It is a continuing process to get to where you are intended to be. The challenge we face is recognizing when it is time to move to the next step.

Too often, people give up on their dreams because they have made mistakes. But moving forward means you are a creative thinker and you grow from each setback or each challenge.

God wants success for everyone on earth. But to have success, you have to evolve. You are perfect and a creator, given the ability to have anything you desire. You do not have to find anything, other than what is inside you. You have the ability to move forward.

With this said, then any bad situation or challenge you have encountered is just a part of the journey. Let the challenges or miscalculations go and continue to evolve. Be grateful for the things you learn from and the things you can leave behind. My approach is very simple. When I realized wrong judgement or decision placed me where I did not want to be, I express gratitude for the lesson and vow to myself to let it go.

So, take responsibility for where you are, regardless of where it may be. Be grateful for the opportunity to move beyond that point and let it go! You are a perfect person, a creator to mold your future. The past is history and regardless of how hard you try, you can not change it. Move on and create your life for tomorrow.