Laser Focus, What You Visualize, You Materialize

Laser Focus, What You Visualize, You Materialize: "So, everyone wants to know what it takes to succeed at anything and everything! The most frequent question I am asked is “what is the secret to success”. I truly think this is a most amusing question. First of all, if the question is asked then the person asking has not looked within to find out how they themselves define success. They have not become clear on what they want and their purpose.

Everything in life comes down to knowing what you want. Regardless of where you are striving for success, i.e. relationships, business, career, finances, sports, love or any other area of your life. If you do not know exactly what you want then you certainly will never know when the opportunities or solutions present themselves.

I am a believer in the saying “what you visualize, you materialize”. So I hear the moans already, someone else is going to tell me to visualize my goals. Absolutely I am. If you can not see yourself in receipt of what you want, then you will always just want it, never have it. This is a very simple truth.

But what does it take to visualize goals? Laser focus for starters.

1) Get perfectly clear on what you want, be very specific

2) Get in tune with what it will feel like when you have it

3) Apply that feeling, or energy to focus on your desire

4) Like a laser beam, make every action you take move you closer to that goal

5) Be present with your goals, know every minute of the day what the goal is

6) Never give up and never give in, do not settle for anything less

7) Everyday, take a few minutes to visually tap into these feelings.

8) When visualizing your goals, it should be almost like a memory, something you are very familiar with, not just a want.

9) Make it very personal, as you visualize, get excited with how it feels to have accomplished the goal

So, what is the secret? Laser focus on your desire. Regardless of what the desire is, everything you do will either move you toward your goal or away from your goal. To become this aware of your thoughts and visualization, you must be focused and totally clear on what you are looking to achieve.

What you think about and give energy to, comes about.