Never Ride in the Back of the Plane - Choose the Front

Never Ride in the Back of the Plane - Choose the Front: Recently, I made an unplanned trip to Las Vegas from my home on the coast of North Carolina. With the last minute arrangements, I was forced to stand by for my flights. At the time, I was only focused on getting to Las Vegas, not necessarily how I was getting there.

I was able to get on all four of my flights, twice though, I got the very last seat available (another article on the power of intentional manifestation). On both of these flights, the last seat was in the coach compartment).

At the time, I was very grateful for the seat as my trip was very important. Only in hindsight did I take time to evaluate what I unintentionally created.

Let me step back in time a bit first…

I worked for a major airline for almost 30 years. I traveled on business all the time and because of my position, these trips were normally in First Class. I enjoyed First Class so much, that even on vacations, I paid the fee required and scheduled my trips around the availability to assure I was always in the front of the plane.

At the time, I was not a student of personal development, and simply knew that I “liked” First Class and how it made me feel to sit there. I did not realize the power of creating my own results at the time, but I do see now that I created those results myself. I always sat in the front, where I intentionally wanted to be.

Now that I no longer travel on employee benefits and always purchase my tickets, I see things completely differently. Now, I know that I deserve to have in life whatever I choose. Not what I settle for, but what I choose.

When I was with the airline, I chose to always fly First Class. Once I left the industry, I chose to not purchase a Coach Class seat, simply because I decided to always fly First Class, regardless of the cost.

However, when I was in a place of urgency, forgetting my choice and preferences, I unconsciously made the decision to settle for something less. Therefore, I found myself in the back of the plane for a very long trip.

Now understand one thing, this has nothing to do with Coach or First Class. If it is your choice to fly Coach, fine, that is your choice. What this has to do with is making the decision of how I live my life. It has everything to do with my own intentional manifestation of what I want my life to be like. It has to do with my lifestyle and what I choose for myself.

I choose not to settle for anything less than the best, simply because I can.
What we give attention to, we create in our lives. This applies to everything, not just an airplane seat. I gave attention to getting on the plane, whereas I should have given attention to getting on the plane in First Class. I would have had the same level of success, just would have been a great deal more comfortable during the trip.

So, my point is…

Make the decision to always ride in The Front of the Plane. Make the decision to have everything you want in your life. Make the decision to make more money than you will ever need. Make the decision to give away more money than most people will ever make. Make the decision to have whatever you want and then do not settle for anything less, regardless of the circumstances.

Take the time to create your life, on your terms